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Some Additional Thoughts on Resumes…

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

As noted in the prior blog, resumes are still required these days, despite many people not taking the time to polish them appropriately or hiring personnel taking the time to read them properly.

This being said, they are still important so you will want to take some real time and care to refresh your resume/credentials before submitting to your next desired position(s). This seems obvious but we see many otherwise smart / capable job seekers who do not attend to this task with the level of care that they should.

There is so much that can be said in the way of resume tips that it is difficult to put an exhaustive list together in one blog. Most would not read it all if I did; too much of this topic in one sitting is a little rich for most.

Let us mention 5 tips for now. We can mention some more later.


1. Certifications: Include all online certifications that you have. Employers want to see them because they certainly speak directly to their primary need of finding out whether you possess the skills they need.

2. Resume Length: Keep your resume as concise as possible. One or two pages is it. If you are really experienced, then you will most likely want to go with two pages. For younger workers, if you can manage with one page, do this. It will help you. Everyone appreciates brevity. And, remember, you can expound more on your experience – although you need to stay consistent in terms of overall content – within your LinkedIn profile.

3. Keywords: Again, this seems obvious, but we still must mention the basics. Use some of the key words or phrases from the job description in describing your background in the resume. Naturally, do this as honestly as you can without misrepresenting your skill set but this will be key in terms of getting past applicant tracking systems and hiring manager perusals of your resume.

4. Experience: Consider a Relevant Experience section to highlight what the hiring forces for a position are going to want to see if you have tons of experience. This will work to everyone’s benefit. Brevity and getting to the important stuff quickly are valued by those tasked with finding the right personnel.

5. Numbers: If you can use numbers and/or percentages to help tell your story in terms of prior performance, do so. Hiring personnel are biased towards wanting to see this type of information, especially hiring managers who may be making the final decision on the hire.

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