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Tennis Drills at Home

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

By David Still - Feeling the need for some tennis drills, but do not wish to leave your home?

Here are five drills that can be performed at home. These drills are exceptional ball control drills for introductory players just entering into the tennis sport.

The tennis drills are designed for all levels of players and can be conducted on any flat surface, such as a back patio or driveway.

1. Ball Bouncing (single)

One-player drill. Have player hold racket with forehand grip with the racket face parallel to the court. Player should position racket in front of them. Let the ball bounce in front of the player, "tap" the ball straight up every other bounce. Have them hit the same spot on the court in front of the player's feet.

2. Ball Bouncing (double)

Two-player drill. Hold the racket with forehand grip. Let the ball bounce in front of #1 player. #1 player taps the ball up then lets it bounce. #2 player taps the ball up, lets it bounce, then #1 player taps the ball. Alternate between #1 and #2 players.

3. Ball Bouncing (target)

Two-player drill. Using the Ball Bouncing (double) drill, place a tennis ball between #1 and #2 players. Each player will try to tap the bouncing ball straight up to drop on the target ball. This drill may be scored by giving a point every time the target ball is hit.

4. Close Order Control Drill (no net)

Two-player drill. Expanding on the Ball Bouncing (target) drill, position players facing each other 5 feet apart. A ball is bounced back and forth between the players using only forehands (use a tapping motion). The object is control, keeping the ball in play as long as possible.

5. Close Order Control Drill (with net)

Two-player drill. Using the Close Order Control Drill (no net) drill, position the two players on either side of the net 5 feet apart (not 5 feet from net). The ball should just clear the net and bounce within 1 to 2 feet from the net. After successfully completing this drill, have each player step back 3 feet and continue the drill. Using this drill at home, suspend a string, ribbon or similar material between the back of two chairs with a height of 30 to 36 inches. Have players clear the string by only one to four inches promoting ball and touch control.

In searching the Internet, an instructional video was located demonstrating these tennis drills with a teaching professional.

Remember to always stretch prior to any sport activity. A later blog article will be provided describing proper warm-up tennis stretching exercises.

Enjoy some tennis drills at home.

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