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Practice Areas: Services


Customer's Ability to Hire Consultant with Conversion to Permanent Employment at Later Date

ProSelect provides contract-to-hire or 'try-before-you-buy" placement services. A professional may be contracted for as long as needed before being extending permanent employment offer.


Contractors utilized by client for more than six months may be converted to permanent employment with no placement fee.


Permanent employment conversions are available in less than six months charging client a graduated rate arrangement.


Contingency Placement Services, Payment Required Only If Successful Placement


ProSelect provides personnel search and prescreening services. Placement services are based on a percentage of hired employee's starting salary, or on a fixed-fee basis.


On-site and off-site contract recruiting services are available on an hourly or monthly retainer basis.


Projects Requiring Temporary Labor Can Benefit from  ProSelect's Consultant  Talent Pool

ProSelect provides talented consultants for projects ranging from two weeks to four years. Consulting rates are based on level of project need, availability of consultant, duration of project, and client's project budget.


When client requests consulting candidates at a predetermined hourly rate, only qualifying candidates with bill rates at or less than the requested rate will be submitted.

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