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Getting Hired in 2022 – Fundamentals are Key

If you are currently looking for a new job opportunity, the market is good right now but let’s be honest, it’s never truly easy to secure a new job. You need to do your best to prepare properly for your job interview.

And you will also need to put together a clean, succinct, and current resume that is in-keeping with current resume best practices and standards.

These are the basics, and the basics will serve you well; many would be surprised at how many people we see at all levels of the employee-hierarchy that fail to pay proper attention to fundamentals.

Please do not make this mistake and you will be rewarded with the new career opportunity that you are seeking in 2022.

Getting Hired Tips

Listed below are some highlights from the book Get Hired Now by Ian Siegel with relevant links from additional sources:

  • Resume: Write the resume to get past computer bots

  • Write clean, simply and succinctly with good grammar and no typos

  • Be honest and use proper resume construction

  • Review your online social media reputation and ensure that it is clean

  • Line up proper references that you know and trust and that will give you a genuine solid recommendation

  • Leverage job search tools and sites effectively (e.g., LinkedIn) and other sites that aggregate job opportunities (e.g., ZipRecruiter,

  • Apply for proper fits quickly

  • The Job Interview

    • You have approximately 20 seconds to make an impression – make it count

    • No perfume or cologne as you are more likely to offend than impress

    • Dress appropriately – some suggestions from

    • No alcohol the night before the interview as this can make you sweat or come through on your breadth

    • Smile genuinely when appropriate and use good eye-contact

    • Tell me about yourself interview question:

      • Use the interviewers name and pause momentarily before answering to demonstrate careful thought

      • Express genuine interest in the question and answer authentically

      • End with a question to help demonstrate real engagement

      • Be prepared to answer questions such as why there was a gap in your employment or why you are leaving your current job and make sure that your response is not negative

  • Always write a follow-up thank you note

  • When provided an offer, do negotiate and do not accept the first offer unless it is well above expectations and current market standards

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