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Career Search Reminders

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Most do not generally find it pleasant to look for a job, especially if they are unemployed. Throw in a once in a 100-year pandemic and the subsequent economic fallout that has ensued, and this is not a recipe for fun.

Getting beyond the obvious, “Life must still go on,” as the saying goes. For sure, it is tougher than usual in the fall of 2020 to find a new career opportunity that excites you, but nothing is impossible. You must stay positive even if you do not feel like it, right? The answer is – yes – you do. You do not have a choice because life must go on and you are still here. You need to take proactive and constructive action. Here are a few basic reminders in keeping with the analogy that it is not the home runs that are going to win you the game but the consistent base hits that win the day.

Get Comfortable – Be Your Best Self

No one wants to hear advice like “get loose” and “have fun” when things are genuinely tough. And it is a little challenging to feel super positive about anything right now. This is a fair point and I would be inclined to agree. The point to be made here though is that despite the difficult circumstances that you may find yourself in, being overly tight or rigid while networking or interviewing is going to do you no favors.

It may be difficult right now to be bubbly, cheery, and otherwise socially adroit but you need to do your best to bring your most authentic, endearing and comfortable qualities out. These qualities are always appreciated but they are perhaps needed now more than ever. Do your best to come from a place of emotional abundance as opposed to scarcity and this will be one more feather in your cap.

Honesty & Pragmatism

When searching, do not apply to jobs that you genuinely do not believe you are qualified for. You may feel desperate or that you can somehow justify this move in some other way, but this is a dead end. You will fool no one, including yourself and this can setup everyone for frustration and wasted time. Genuinely take stock of your valuable and marketable skills and focus on opportunities that are a legitimate fit. From there, focus on putting forth your best customized resume for each specific position you are seriously applying for.

And, as noted many times prior, please make sure that your LinkedIn profile is updated properly with your best foot forward. Any employer that is seriously giving you and your credentials thought is going to go through your profile – in addition to your resume – very closely and comparisons are going to be made. Everything must generally align and tell an easily digestible and believable story about who you are and how you can help them thrive.

Information Interviews

Consider reaching out to contacts for informational interviews. Please consider this and think about how you can get out there and network with successful professionals who are not necessarily hiring. This approach is good because, again, it is coming more from a place of abundance rather than scarcity, which is where you want to be.

Most successful people understand how challenging navigating a career path can be, especially during challenging times. People genuinely do want to help, and this gives them an opportunity to feel that they are doing so without feeling obligated to provide a formal job interview and be beholden to all the expectations connected to that.

Most often, many, many good things come from basic networking. They may not come exactly at the time that you most desire an offer, but they often do arrive just in time to save the day when you least expect it. Face to face - or Zoom to Zoom these days- networking is king. It may be tempting to simply complete a resume and submit via online job portal but that is not enough to move the needle. Leveraging technology is important, just do not hide behind it.

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