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Downsized? Reduction in Force? Sound Familiar?

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

By David Still - Every time there is a merger or acquisition, there seems to follow a departmental downsizing or reduction in force (RIF).

At no fault of the employee, they are given notice, with some severance, and shown the door. Hopefully the employer engaged an outplacement agency to review resumes and present training seminars to exiting employee.

Executive and senior members are provided sweeter packages and arrangements, normally based on their employment agreements and golden parachute clauses.

So, how can you get a recruiter to pay attention to you given your recent RIF situation?

One way is to inform the recruiter that you will gladly contact the recruiter with names of each RIF employee as you learn of their departure. This will render the recruiter with a flow of fresh talent that were released because the merger or acquisition caused duplicate job functions. Usually RIF candidates are released due to the acquisition, not due to being less qualified. Usually the RIF affects personnel employed by the company being acquired.

Recruiters appreciate the candidate flow caused by M&A staff reductions. Recruiters make their money by matching a candidate against a job requisition. Recruiter cannot make money if they do not have both sides covered, job opening and candidate.

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