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Hiring The Right People – A Few Reminders (Part 1)

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Time & Process

Spending the time up front is key. It’s going to cost you more in time and money to try to undo a bad hiring decision so take time up front to give yourself the best chance to get this decision right the first time. In terms of process, this will be unique to your organization and dependent upon various factors such as company culture, HR concerns, line of business and world view of top execs etc.

For example, some organizations go through rigorous testing and interviewing. Others – and many of these are high performing organizations – do not even like using traditional resumes to evaluate people thinking that they do not do the whole person justice.

All things considered, you do not want to spend too much time being undecisive because there is no way to fully mitigate risk 100%. What is important is having a well thought-through process that makes sense for your organization and then working through that process.

Once you have completed the process, give yourself and your team a set amount of time to make decision and then make one. Time will tell if it will work or not. At this point, do not fret about it, just move forward with your decision and business.

Leverage Your Most Valuable Asset – Existing Employees

No big surprise here but “like attracts like.” Your solid employees are most likely good people in addition to being strong employees. You should solicit their input and help because their friends will likely have similar attributes.

Again, how you go about doing this will be unique to your organization, but this is something you will want to prioritize, whether you have a formal referral incentive program or not.

Place a Premium on Integrity & Communication Skills

This may seem basic and obvious, but it must be mentioned as a gentle reminder because of its importance. These are key fundamentals that cannot be ignored because an employee can bring everything to the table in spades in terms of hard skills, energy, production etc.

However, if they lack in solid communication skills needed to smoothy interact with management and team members, all else is irrelevant. It is only a matter of time before this deficiency will bleed into all other areas and produce negative consequences.

Moreover, if they are not a person of high character and integrity, this deficiency will eventually poison your work environment and will lead nowhere good. Again, this may seem obvious but often there is so much focus on hard skills that these very important qualities are overlooked. Make sure you do not make this mistake.

We will provide additional thoughts on this topic in future blogs given its importance.

Please see the link below to access video by Dan Lok for some solid advice on hiring right.

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