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  • David Still

Should I move on from my current job in a pandemic?

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

If you are asking yourself this question, then chances are you are not happy in your current role. This could be the case for any number of reasons. Many common reasons include the following:

- You do not feel appreciated in your current role.

- You do not feel that you are earning what you are worth.

- You feel that you are in a rut; you feel you are not growing, and you may be bored.

- You do not generally align and appreciate the culture of the company you are working for.

- You do not like or respect your co-workers and the work environment is toxic.

- You want out of the industry you are in. You know this is not he long-term path for you.

- You no longer enjoy or feel that your current role is a good fit for you, and you want to explore different types of roles.

One of these reasons alone could be enough to justify a change. And, most likely, more than a few of the above noted reasons apply to you if you are considering moving on. Naturally, this is a very personal decision that involves a multitude of factors that only you have access to and can evaluate.

The above said, we recommend not letting the pandemic handcuff you and think your choices are limited. They are only as limited as your imagination, despite the constricting realities imposed upon us all by the pandemic. Yes, times are certainly tougher than they have ever been for almost everyone right now. Few would argue that. However, there are still opportunities out there because life must go on and it continues to press forward despite the health and financial disasters that define this present moment.

Vaccines are on the horizon even if the rollout is beset with challenges and we are starting to see corporate hiring activity pick back up, albeit slowly. There are presently people out there right now interviewing via Zoom for a new job because they were asking themselves this same question. And many of them are getting hired by organizations that value them more and can offer much more opportunity. So - yes – of course it is more difficult right now, but it is not impossible unless you handcuff yourself and talk yourself into complacency.

Now more than ever we should all be realizing that life is short, and that time is not to be wasted, no matter the situation. Lean forward and trust yourself despite the circumstances. My guess is that you will not be disappointed by believing in yourself and erring on the side of proactivity. We see few candidates who regret action. It is the sin of omission that you do not want to commit against yourself.

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