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  • David Still

Top of Mind Considerations When Job Hunting

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Job Search & Networking Follow-Through

After submitting a resume or interviewing, you will want to make the next appropriate follow-up move. Be sure to send a Thank You after interviewing or following up with the department head after submitting a resume. It seems obvious but the person doing the follow-up is almost always placing themselves in the preferred group of candidates. You made the effort to follow-up, approximately 80% of the pack will not. You are therefore now in the top 20% of candidates - congratulations. Yes, you will need to do more to secure the job, but this simple tactic is a must if you are serious about landing the next job that will drive your career forward.

Social Media - LinkedIn

Yes, you must do it. Most critically, you need to spend time updating your LinkedIn Profile. You will want to take the time to put your best foot forward. Towards this end, this is one of the most basic things you can do to make a strong first impression. Again, this seems obvious and it’s low-hanging fruit but you might be surprised at how many people do not make the effort to properly leverage this platform, which is the premier site for professional networking and job hunting in 2020. Pay a few bucks for an online course or buy a book on how to optimize your profile but this will be well worth the effort. Once you have done this, take the time to make sure that your resume aligns to your online profile. These two important pieces of job search collateral need to align and be consistent. The hiring manager or recruiter will take time to look at both items and they will frown upon inconsistencies or any information which causes confusion. A solid performance in this area is also key to a successful job search.

Recruiter Use

Reach to headhunters or recruiters for help. They can be a valuable resource. Just make sure to stay mindful that recruiters are paid by the companies they work for in delivering qualified candidates to fill job openings. Yes, the recruiter can be your friend and assist with advice and genuinely try to get you in front of companies where there is a fit between their needs and your skills. However, they will not get paid a commission unless they have a job order with a client/company that is willing to pay them a commission for placed candidates. The takeaway: Just connecting with a recruiter does not mean that they will be actively shopping you around to companies. For recruiters you work with, speak openly and honestly with them, and ask they do the same with you. Again, they can help but they will not be a silver-bullet panacea to the challenge of a job search. You are still going to have to drive the search and take full responsibility for the opportunities presented to you. They are a tool, not the entire toolbox.

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